Sunderland Based Fault Detection
Car Diagnosticians Sunderland


The ever changing and advances in vehicle technology and systems requires us to keep up to date with our computer diagnostics and training. We have invested a lot of money and time into this field of the motor trade as the majority of faults now require some form of computer diagnostics and or programming to rectify. As part of our service schedule we always run a full electronic vehicle health check to help you keep on top of any possible future faults.


  • There is a red light on my dashboard, what does it mean?

    Cars are a little more complicated than some people believe, we have state of the diagnostics equipment to help answer that question.

  • I've lost power in the higher gears, why?

    That is a serious issue and until corrected will only get worse, contact us or request an appointment here.

  • My Check Engine light is on, but which part of the engine?

    The check engine light let’s you know there is a problem not what the problem is. To do that you need specialist equipment which we have available here.

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